Today is: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Eastgate's 208 Water Quality Management Plan

In 1977 Eastgate, formerly EDATA, developed the original 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (AWQMP), or 208 Plan, for Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. The plan concentrated on the design and construction of wastewater treatment facilities and related infrastructure. The plan laid the groundwork to ensure public investments in the facilities were planned according to growth trends and effective at enhancing water quality.

Since the original plan was submitted in 1977, development trends and environmental issues have changed dramatically. In order for the 208 Plan to reflect these changes, it must be updated regularly. Progress continues at Eastgate to modernize the 208 WQMP. In keeping with the plan's overall goal of improving the region's water quality, the modern 208 assesses existing water quality conditions and population trends, identifies regional critical resources, addresses non-point source pollution trends, and reassesses wastewater facility planning via the region's wastewater treatment planning prescriptions.

208 Water Quality Management Plan Chapters