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Watershed Planning

A watershed is defined as an area of land that drains into a common water source, such as a lake, river, or any point within a river system. A watershed action plan is a locally based, comprehensive plan for protecting and improving the health of the watershed. The plan describes the watershed’s attributes (i.e. hydrology, land use, soils) and inventories existing environmental issues and water quality impairments. Once the issues have been identified, the plan details goals and corrective and protective measures to address problem areas.

In 2009, Eastgate began developing the Yellow Creek Watershed Action Plan under the guidance of the Ohio EPA’s Appendix 8 Watershed Plan Review Checklist. Sections I through III were completed using the checklist, but the remaining sections are dependent upon the results of stream monitoring. Therefore, the draft plan will be updated once Ohio EPA stream monitoring commences in the fall of 2011.  

The development of the Yellow Creek Watershed Action Plan was led by Eastgate in partnership with the Alliance for Watershed Action and Resource Education (AWARE). The plan was financed through a contractual agreement between Eastgate and the Ohio EPA using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. 

Please click here to view contact information for others working on watershed action plans in our planning area. 


Endorsed Watershed Action Plans

Yellow Creek Watershed Action Plan

Stream Monitoring

Habitat Assessments

2012 Mill Creek Watershed Habitat Assessment 


Working with Watershed Groups                                                                    

Eastgate recognizes the importance of working with local watershed groups and their efforts to promote watershed awareness within the communities they serve.

The Alliance for Watershed Action and Resource Education-(AWARE)

AWARE serves as an alliance of stewards for the Mill Creek, Yellow Creek, and Meander Creek watersheds by preserving green space and restoring and enhancing waterways through conservation easements, education, and technical resources for the community. AWARE strives to be a proactive organization regarded as a key resource producing tangible improvements in watersheds. AWARE organizes creek sweeps, watershed festivals, and is responsible for the roadside watershed and stream signage throughout Mahoning county. Call AWARE's Stephanie Dyer at (330) 779-3800 for meeting information or e-mail your inquiries to  Additional information about AWARE can be found at