Mahoning River Restoration

The Mahoning River shaped Eastgate’s planning region as we know it today. The river was dammed up in numerous places to provide cooling water for the big steel industries that settled along the Mahoning River. From the 1960s to the early 1980s the big steel industry began to close its doors to the Valley, leaving behind memories for its hard workers and a legacy of pollution for the river that sustained them.

Eastgate recognizes the Mahoning river as an asset, not a liability, to our region. The river, per the Ohio EPA’s 2013 biological and chemical survey, is making a comeback both in water quality and fish diversity. Eastgate wants to continue the upward progression of the river’s health by working with communities along the river to remove the remaining lowhead dams and restore the river to its natural, free flowing state.

Lowhead Dams Along the Lower Mahoning River

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