Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Eastgate’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of engineering and planning officials from the area who assist with the development of technical studies and project implementation programs. The TAC along with Eastgate’s other boards and committees, along with the Executive Director and Eastgate’s staff, work together to find regional solutions for the challenges of our region.

September 2017 Notes

September 7, 2017 10:00 AM

Members/Alternatives Present

Blasco, Kim - Cioffi, Tara *Terreri, Faith - Ginnetti, Pat*Durbin, Bob - Hess, Mark - Migliozzi, Frank
Nuskievicz,Trish*Burkholder, Shane - Olmi, Kristen - Picuri, John*Rebillot, Steven
Princic, Kurt*Billett, Pat - Rodriguez, Judy - Shaffer, Gary – Chair - Shasho, Chuck*Bhide, Kedar
Svette, Zachary - Wittman, Don 
Others Present

Bakalar, Dave-Thomas Fok & Associates - Buchenic, Mark-Prime AE Group
Gerberry, Steven-Trumbull County Engineer’s office - Gillespie, Ryan-GPD Group
Hughes, Brian-MS Consultants - Klecha, Dan-GPD Group - Likavec, Tom-LJB Inc.
Maki, George-E.L. Robinson Engineers - McMurray, Marnie-Thomas Fok & Associates
Medina, Jesenia-DLZ - Melfi, Jim-City of Girard - Robertson, Kevin-City of Niles - Schram, Tim
Stewart, Matt-MCRPC/SVATS MPO - Tolnar, Chris-GPD Group - Wollet, Joanne-Poland Township

Members Absent
Mahoning Co. Planning Commission - Makosky, Paul - Warino, Joe

Eastgate Staff Present
Davis, Ed - Dyer, Stephanie - Esenwein, Joann - Gollner, Jeffrey - Kinnick, Jim - Mondok, Justin
Pompeo, Lisa - Reyes-Chapman, Mirta - Sympson, Ken - Wenger, Sara - Zook, Kathy - Zubyk, Stephen

Approval of the Minutes

Gary Shaffer called the meeting to order and entertained a motion for approval of the minutes of the Technical Advisory Committee meeting held on July 6, 2017. Motion was made by Zachary Svette. Seconded by Shane Burkholder. Motion carried unanimously.

District 6 Public Works Integrating Committee
Ed Davis notified the committee that 45 preapplications were submitted for the latest round of OPWC, with a requested grant total of $8.6 million, and a requested loan total of $1.9 million.  The initial spreadsheet with all the projects was completed and emailed to the committee and local communities, and project packets for committee members were available for pick up. The next meeting is on September 19th in the basement of the City Centre One building, and a notice will be sent out prior to the meeting.  

Functional Classification
Ed Davis reported that FHWA approved the Ohio Highway Functional Classification in February 2017, and in August, FHWA approved the National Highway System.  This finalizes the Federal Aid System until the next Census.  Eastgate will prepare a resolution and present it to TAC in October adopting the roadway classifications.  Only a few changes were made from the previous Functional Class system. If any community would like an individual Functional Class map, please send requests to Ken Sympson.

Jeffrey Gollner reminded those in attendance of the importance of participating in the LUCA program in advance of the 2020 census, and directed the group to the Eastgate website for further information.
LUCA Information

Appalachian Regional Commission – Congressional Legislation Update and Grant Program Update
Kathy Zook gave an overview and update of the ARC State and Federal funding allocations, the full application workshop on September 15, 2017, and that applications are due on October 12, 2017. Also discussed was the health disparities handout.
Health Disparities and Bright Spots of Appalachia
Health Disparities: Key Findings

Clean Ohio Program – Round 12 Program Discussion
Stephanie Dyer reported that the actual allocation for Round 12 is $712,363.00, and reminded those in attendance that Round 11 was a competitive round where the District saw more projects than funding allocated, and at that time the NRAC elected to draw money from Round 12’s allocation to fund all of Round 11’s projects, which explained why the actual allocation is less than the total allocation amount for Round 12. She also reported that pre-applications are now available. Those in attendance were also shown a presentation on Clean Ohio Fund information now available on Eastgate’s website includes the District’s calendar, applications and instructions, and Scoring Methodology. All Clean Ohio Program information in on Eastgate’s website under the Environmental Program.

Transit Program Updates – Urban Transit Program, Elderly & Disabled Fare Assistance, OTPPP, and Diesel Emission Reduction Grant Information
Mirta Reyes-Chapman reported that transit agencies in urbanized areas with populations of 50,000 or greater can apply for the Urban Transit Program funding grant program, and that this is important to our urban area because the Western Reserve Transit Authority (WRTA) is listed as a “Category IV-Intermediate Bus Systems” and Trumbull Transit System (TTS) is listed as a Category V-Small Bus System,” and the TTS received $52,363 dollars and the WRTA received $247,000. The next discussion was the Elderly & Disabled Transit Fare Assistance Program which provides financial assistance to ODOT eligible public transportation systems who offer reduced fares to the elderly and people with disabilities. At this time, ODOT’s disbursement of E&D funding for our transit agencies is still pending. An overview of the OTPPP was discussed next with applications due on September 15, 2017 in ODOT’s Black Cat software program. Priority will be given to agencies requesting vehicle replacement. Lastly, the DERG grant program for transit agencies and WRTA’s Free for All Day were discussed. The deadline for the DERG program is September 15, 2017, and more information can be found on the Ohio EPA’s website, and WRTA’s website for the Free for All Day.
SFY 2018 Urban Transit Program

Traffic Counting Program – New Counter Info/Demo
Jeffrey Gollner showed the group the newly purchased traffic counters and described their capabilities.

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update– Implementation & Monitoring Strategy; Funding
Sara Wenger provided information on the 2040 MTP Update, overviewing funding for the fiscally-constrained project list and implementation tools such as performance-based planning and performance measures.

Fiscal Year 2018-2021 TIP- Update Through GPB Resolution #023-2017
Stephen Zubyk presented the committee with GPB Resolution #023-2017, explaining that all of the projects listed in the Resolution are existing projects, and either need identified in the TIP, a new funding source identified in the TIP, or some additional funding on a currently programmed phase.  

Transportation Alternatives Program – List of Projects Submitted and Selection Committee Update
Stephen Zubyk presented the committee with a list of twelve projects that were submitted for the latest TAP funding round, and explained who the selection committee consisted of and will notify them in the future of what projects are being recommended for funding.

Director’s Report
Jim Kinnick discussed the free Performance Based Practical Design seminar that will be held in conjunction with the October 5th TAC meeting, and a handout was distributed with the details of the event.  He also requested that any community that has a project that may not involve Eastgate, to please let Eastgate know about the project so staff can support the project when asked. Steve Rebillot and Stephanie Dyer echoed that request.

GPB Resolutions for Passage

GPB Resolution #022-2017, IGR Log #17-006
Resolution supporting through the Intergovernmental Review Process an application to the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Assistance to Coal Communities (ACC) Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) Program for the Youngstown State University Excellence Training Center, an Advanced Manufacturing Education and Training Center ($2,000,000). A motion was made by Kristen Olmi and seconded by Zachary Svette.  Motion carried unanimously.

GPB Resolution #023-2017
Resolution Amending the FY2018–2021 Transportation Improvement Program of the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments to add new projects and additional funding to the Bedford Road Widening Project. A motion was made by Zachary Svette and seconded by Bob Durbin.  Motion carried unanimously.

GPB Resolution #024-2017, IGR Log #17-007
Resolution supporting through the Intergovernmental Review Process an application to the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Development, for a Community Development Block Grant Program Year 2017 Critical Infrastructure Program ($300,000). A motion was made by Zachary Svette and seconded by Mark Hess.  Motion carried unanimously.

GPB Resolution #025-2017, IGR Log #17-008
Resolution supporting through the Intergovernmental Review Process an application to the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Development, for a Community Development Block Grant Program Year 2017 Community Development Program ($535,000). A motion was made by Zachary Svette and seconded by Shane Burkholder.

GPB Resolution #026-2017, IGR Log #17-009
Resolution supporting through the Intergovernmental Review Process an application to the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Development, Community Development Block Grant Program Year 2017 Critical Infrastructure Program ($58,000). A motion was made by Zachary Svette and seconded by Bob Durbin.  Motion carried unanimously.


Justin Mondok showed those in attendance some of the new additions to Eastgate’s updated website, including the Top News and Events Calendar. Ken Sympson reported that six CMAQ applications were submitted and scoring will take place at the end of September. He will provide an update at the October TAC meeting.   

Gary Shaffer entertained a motion for adjournment. A motion was made by Mark Hess and seconded by Zachary Svette.  Motion carried unanimously.

October 2017 Notes

Coming Soon

Drinking Water Subcommittee

The purpose of the Drinking Water subcommittee is to disseminate drinking water system/provider information for emergency purposes and provide education and outreach on topics such as Ohio EPA rules and regulations and harmful algal blooms (HABs). Under the guidance of the Ohio EPA, Eastgate will facilitate conversations with our region’s officials, treatment plant operators, and citizens to ensure our region’s drinking water sources are accounted for and meeting state standards and meeting the needs of our communities.

Mahoning Valley GIS Partnership (MVGP)

The Mahoning Valley GIS Partnership is a group of professionals dedicated to advancing the use of GIS in the Youngstown region. MVGP meetings are an opportunity to learn about available data, prevent duplication of services, talk about opportunities for collaboration, facilitate internship and job matching, and to get to know the GIS contacts for different agencies and projects.

Upcoming Events

Mahoning Valley GIS Partnership Meeting

October 26, 2017 from 1:30-2:30

Timothy King GISP, from LTK GIS Consulting , LLC, will give a talk about the benefits and shortfalls of ArcGIS Pro. Held at Eastgate Regional Council of Governments.


GIS Day Open Houses

November 15, 2017

Open houses will be held at Mahoning County GIS (21 W Boardman St), and Eastgate Regional Council of Governments in celebration of GIS Day. Stop by to tour the facilities and say hello!


Impervious Surface Mapping and Stormwater Management in the Lake Erie Watershed

Tentatively November 2017

Woolpert used aerial imagery and lidar collected in 2012 and 2015 to perform comparative data analysis to calculate shoreline erosion modeling and provided deliverables that included impervious surface mapping, hydrographic mapping, watershed delineation, shoreline mapping, bluff crest delineation, and total bluff change. This led to the most complete picture that Pennsylvania has ever had of the Lake Erie watershed and the ability to track key aspects of environmental and natural resource management.


GIS Workshops

Tentatively February 2018

GIS workshops will be held at YSU and will include sessions on ArcGIS Pro, County GIS Resources, Introduction to GIS and more! More details will be posted as they are available.

Please contact Bethaney Krzys for more information about events or to sign up for the MVGP mailing list.

Members Viewing MVGP Presentation
Members Viewing GIS Maps on Computers
Members Listening to Presentation at MVGP Workshop

Regional Economic Development Committee

REDC is an ad hoc committee of the General Policy Board that monitors Eastgate’s Economic Development District (EDD) designation. Its composition includes public, private, and non-profit members from Ashtabula, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties that broadly represent the economic interests of the region. REDC meets on a regular basis to support the implementation of the regional economic development strategy and to review projects that seek EDA funding.