Health and Equity in Transportation


The course examines the intersection between public health and transportation and the challenges and opportunities that occupy this interdisciplinary space. It provides instruction on the pivotal role that access to active transportation plays in creating healthy
communities. The course is divided into four parts.

Part I provides an overview of relevant concepts and theories in the field of public health.
Part II introduces active living and transportation to address health
disparities and reduce chronic disease.
Parts III and IV provide implementation guidance on how communities can expand active transportation and active lifestyle options to low-income, minority, and underserved populations- as
well as the community at large- by creative collaborative space for public health and transportation professionals.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate with public health and transportation professionals, identify, and address health-related transportation challenges and opportunities in their communities.
They will have a firm understanding of the causes of health disparities, chronic disease, and environmental health, and
they will understand how active living and active transportation specifically can be used to Improve public health.

This Workshop provides 4 contact hours of instruction