Watershed Input Needed for Watershed Plans

Apr 17, 2019

Two Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategy (NPSIS) plans are being developed by Environmental Design Group (EDG) for two Lower Mahoning River Watersheds in Trumbull County: Chocolate Run-Mahoning River and City of Warren-Mahoning River watershed.  Both watersheds are tributaries to Mahoning River and contain low head dams as well as other water quality impairments in need of attention. If you are a local official and/or resident of the watersheds shown below, please consider participating in the linked survey,  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZSN98LQ

Your participation will help EDG identify local water quality concerns/issues within the watershed(s) ensure your ideas/concerns are incorporated into their respective plans. These NPSIS plans characterize the watersheds, discuss the causes and sources of water quality impairment(s) and develop strategies for local officials to implement to improve stream health.