The 101 on 208 Planning

Jul 11, 2019

Why is the region’s 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan) an important document to understand? Because the 208 Plan, simply put, is a locally-driven plan identifing current and future sanitary sewer infrastructure needs while balancing the water quality protection requirements set forth by the Clean Water Act. Eastgate’s 208 Plan incorporates 201 Facility Panning Areas (201 FPA) that identify current wastewater treatment options (i.e. sanitary sewer, private waste water treatment systems, and individual septic system)  within areas serviced by a  publicly owned wastewater treatment (POTW) facility. These treatment options are a direct result of conversations between each county’s respective sanitary engineer offices, local health departments, and the municipalities who own and operate each POTW  and include input from the Ohio EPA’s Division of Surface Water.

But what does that mean for me if I am an engineer, developer, consultant working to establish/expand wastewater infrastructure within a community? The Ohio EPA is required to consult an areawide’s 208 Plan when reviewing a Permit to Install application (PTI). Eastgate’s 208 Plan is consulted to ensure the project is in line with the treatment options established for the 201FPA you are working in.   

Ohio’s six areawide agencies tasked with developing and updating their planning region’s 208 Plan developed the following video to help our areawide members understand the history of the 208 Plan, the role of the plan, and individual areawide member’s role in the 208 Plan.