Air Quality Advisory issued for Wednesday July 8th and Thursday July 9th

Jul 07, 2020

AQ advisory TW

As the hot temperatures and sunny skies continue this week, so do the Air Quality concerns. An Air Quality Advisory has been issued for both Wednesday, July 8th and Thursday, July 9th for the Youngstown-Warren area. Partly sunny skies and temperatures in the low- to mid-90s will increase ozone formation. Furthermore, light northwesterly winds on Wednesday will transport pollutants into the Mahoning Valley. On Thursday, periods of light east-southeasterly winds will transport additional pollutants into Youngstown-Warren. These conditions will yield Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups AQI levels on both days. High ozone levels can reduce lung capacity and increase susceptibility to respiratory illnesses, especially in children and the elderly.

Even if the forecast is Orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups), there may be times during the day when air quality is OK for outdoor activities. Ozone is often lower in the morning. Check current air quality at to see if now is a good time for you to be active outdoors.

People with lung disease such as asthma, children and teens, older adults, and people who are routinely active outdoors for six or more hours a day should reduce your exposure by choosing less strenuous activities or shortening the amount of time you are active outdoors.

Friday, as a weak front approaches Ohio, scattered thunderstorms will reduce ozone formation. However, partly sunny skies and warm temperatures will continue aid ozone production. As a result, AQI levels will be high-Moderate. Saturday and Sunday, as the front departs the Mahoning Valley, northerly to northwesterly winds will transport cleaner air into the region. In addition, cooler temperatures will limit ozone formation. As a result, AQI levels will be low-Moderate on both days.

How can you help reduce air pollution in our region? Drive less and try to use transit, bike, walk, work from home, and combine your trips. Visit to find a better way to travel. Don’t idle your car and turn off your engine when you’re not actively traveling. Refill your tank after sunset and wait until later in the day to mow the lawn to reduce ground level ozone.

To learn more about air quality and view local data, visit or To receive email alerts for Air Quality Advisories, forecasts, and current conditions, sign up with EnviroFlash at You can also follow updates on Twitter at