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Eastgate Regional Council of Governments offers a Planning Grant to assist municipalities with planning efforts that:

  • Define the transportation cohesiveness between multimodal transportation systems and local land use objectives that achieve the regional transportation goals
  • Aid municipalities with the creation of planning documents that support improvements in traffic flow, safety, and overall efficiency of the transportation system
  • Provide city governments with planning resources to achieve community visions as related to transportation and land use needs that promote future economic growth

The Planning Grant should further the following principles:

  • Increase active transportation options to connect people and places
  • Promote Complete Street principles to create vibrant and safe places for all users
  • Leverage transportation projects to develop places which support active transportation and complete streets through land use and design
  • Preserve existing infrastructure (Capital Improvement Plan)
  • Support economic development
  • Enhance quality of life in the Mahoning Valley

Eastgate’s goal is to award planning grants to communities and implementing governmental agencies that have legal authority to sponsor federal-aid capital improvement projects (see eligibility on page 5 of the planning grant document).

Planning Grant Program Guide

View the planning grant document for complete details on what types of projects are eligible, who can apply, a program timeline, and how the applications will be scored.

FY22 Planning Grant



Project Pre-Applications are Due by Friday, January 15, 2021

The FY22 Application period is closed


Full Application

Full Planning Grant Application is Due by Friday, February 12, 2021

The FY22 Application period is closed

Past Grant Cycles

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FY 2022 Final Plans - Plans for this program year will be finalized by June of 2022
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  • Center City Youngstown Pedestrian Wayfinding Strategy
  • Glenwood Avenue Active Transportation Improvement Plan
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