Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Multimodal Network Connectivity Study

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Eastgate's goal for the Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity Pilot program is to determine the state of multimodal connectivity in the Eastgate region, identify key connections needed to enhance multimodal connectivity to economic and community destinations, identify how well MTP projects address needed improvements, and develop multimodal performance metrics.
A Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity Report will be the result of this pilot program, but the information in the report will be incorporated into other regional planning documents. Notably, the pilot closing date of September 2019 will align with and support the development of Eastgate's Multimodal Plan, scheduled for completion in 2020. The Multimodal Plan will identify specific recommendations for enhancing multimodal connectivity in the region.
Project results and pefromance metrics will also be used in development of Eastgate's Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Eastgate's Transportation Improvement Program, Eastgate's Transit Development Plan, and local community plans. Project results will also be incorporated into the project prioritization process, giving priority to projects that will address identified gaps in the multimodal network.

Important Documents

FHWA Guidebook for Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity
Eastgate's Application for Funding to FHWA
Sidewalk Gap Map

Proposed Statewide Bicycle Routes

ODOT has proposed a statewide network of bicycle routes. Eastgate is responsible for coordinating the effort in Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties. The proposed routes are available as a web map. Contact Justin Mondok for more information or to submit comments.

Bicycle Suitability Map

A bicycle suitability map was added as a new product in 2012 after numerous requests for such a map, and in an effort to consolidate several local mapping initiatives into one cohesive regional effort. The map’s color-coded roads will help cyclists in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties find the most appropriate route for their comfort level and will help local planners and engineers identify where trouble spots and disconnects exist.

The maps are available in the Eastgate Map Center.

Pedestrian Inventory

An analysis of aerial photographs and other sources resulted in a map showing the locations of ADA ramps, painted crosswalks and sidewalks. The maps are available in the Eastgate Map Center.

Regional Bicycle Plan

The status of the area's bicycle projects are outlined in the Regional Bicycle Plan.

Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway

One of the most noted bikeways in the area is the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway (GOLTRG). The GOLTRG is a 10-foot wide asphalt shared-use path being built on former railroad lines and adjacent corridors.

When completed, it will be a 110 mile multi-modal transportation corridor which will connect Lake Erie to the Ohio River. The GOLTRG will begin on the shores of Lake Erie at Ashtabula Harbor, pass through Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Counties, and end at the banks of the Ohio River in East Liverpool.

The GOLTRG has been a regional effort, with different communities and organizations taking the lead on various sections of the bikeway. As a result, a majority of the greenway is either constructed or programmed for construction in the near future.

Bike Map