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Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub

Eastgate Regional Council of Governments is pursuing the creation of the Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub, a strategic infrastructure initiative to capitalize on Lordstown’s location at the intersection of multiple modes of transportation, broadband, and electrification to position the area as the premier regional warehousing and distribution hub.

The initial phase of the project focuses on immediate freight system needs including (1) a triple trailer transfer yard, (2) solar powered electric vehicle charging stations, and (3) “Smart Corridor” broadband fiber optic and wireless communication devices.

Eastgate is promoting the Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub by studying the needs of the area and pursuing avenues for funding, such as applying for grants. Eastgate has also commissioned a feasibility study for potential projects and technologies to implement in the area. The study is being conducted by consultants at Michael Baker International.

Support From Ohio Legislators

Remarks from Senators Portman and Brown, Representatives Johnson and Ryan, and State Senator Michael Rulli, made in support for Eastgate during National Infrastructure Week 2021.

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Summary of Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub

Mike Hripko, Economic Recovery Coordinator at Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, gives a summary of the Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub, abridged from his full comments given as part of Infrastructure Week 2021

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View our 2021 RAISE Grant Application

Grant Application Narrative

Comments from Jim Kinnick

From Infrastructure Week 2021, Executive Director of Eastgate Jim Kinnick gives closing remarks on the present and future of the Lordstown Smart Logistics Hub.

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