Transportation Overview

Our transportation system consists of many parts that work together to move people and goods within metropolitan areas, statewide and throughout the country. Transportation plays a vital role in today’s economy, providing access to jobs, education, shopping, and recreation. Eastgate’s role as an MPO is to conduct a comprehensive, coordinated, and continuing transportation planning process.

Serving as a regional partner with the United States Department of Transportation [U.S. DOT], Ohio Department of Transportation [ODOT], member communities, local elected officials, the business community, and citizens across the two county area. Eastgate leads in the development of the region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan and Short Range Transportation Improvement Program. Eastgate contributes to ongoing conversations about issues regarding land use, economic development, climate change, energy use, and the environment.

Eastgate is committed to providing the region with leadership in planning, funding, and development of a regional multi-modal transportation system.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Director of Transportation Ken Sympson.